The American National Catholic Church was established as an Independent Catholic jurisdiction in 2009. The intent in forming the church was to begin a community that harnesses the promise of the Independent Catholic movement, while avoiding the various difficulties and weaknesses which have traditionally accompanied many jurisdictions.

In 2010 the ANCC embraced a path of intentional growth, in recognition that so many other Independent Catholic jurisdictions which started with such promise failed because they were not as focused on quality as they were quantity. The early stages of church development have focused on building a strong foundation and ensuring that there is a solid infrastructure. This will allow the church to continue on well into the future as it is built upon more than individual leaders and personalities.

The first presiding bishop of the ANCC is Bishop George R. Lucey, FCM. Bishop Lucey holds a doctoral degree in psychology and has worked in higher education as a professor of psychology. The first ordination in the ANCC took place on December 19, 2009 in New Haven, CT when Rev. Matthew Bailey, FCM was ordained to the priesthood.

From the founding days of the Church, all candidates for ordination and incardination have been required to engage in a process that is thorough and fair. Criminal background checks and psychological evaluations are required for all applicants. Proper education, formation and training are understood as necessities for effective ministry to the people of God and for the credibility of the larger church.