Presiding Bishop’s Statement in Support of Peace Talks in the Middle East
(06/06/2024) I begin many of my letters and formal communications with the salutation of “Peace”. I use it as an invitation for us to be free of anxiety and as a reminder to myself that as I write or speak to do so with hope that my words invite peace and not discord.  You can read the letter here.
Presiding Bishop’s Pastoral Letter to the merging parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore
(06/02/2024) We in the American National Catholic Church, who draw on our shared faith and experience, note with some care for all of you who might be members of the parish communities which are closing or consolidating in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  You can read the letter here.

Welcome Home!

Welcome to the website of the American National Catholic Church (ANCC). The ANCC is an independent Catholic community dedicated to making the world a more compassionate place.
Guided by its own bishop we celebrate the same sacraments and follow the reforms initiated in the Second Vatican Council. The American National C
atholic Church is a contemporary expression of an ancient faith. There is a firm commitment to the sacraments and we embrace the liturgy of Vatican II that is revered by so many in the Americas. We are also guided by the Spirit as a community which embraces a broader faith where all are welcomed and affirmed. We understand the importance of embracing and supporting each other, while continually challenging ourselves to embrace the Gospel calling of Jesus Christ.
We are happy that you have found our website and welcome you as you learn more about our ministry and role in Christ’s church. More than likely, you may be surprised to discover one of the best kept secrets in the Church Catholic – that other bodies of that same church grow and thrive independent of the institutional church.
We hope you will explore how you can play a part in this most important ministry and so that you may learn how truly liberated the soul can be.