The primary function of this body is to advise the Presiding Bishop on issues, concerns and programs of the National Church. The council is tasked with managing and administrating policies and programs of the church in the areas of spiritual formation and direction, communications and media, business and finances, current and future identity and direction.

 The following are members of the American National Catholic Executive Council.

Chair: Most Rev. George R. Lucey, FCM

Vicar General: Father Matthew Bailey, FCM
Chancellor: Father Geety Reyes, FCM
Vicars of Clergy: Father James Lehman, FCM &
     Father James Jakubowski, nFCM
Vicar of Communications: Father William Yanson
Vicar of Ecumenism: Father Victor Ray, FCM
Vicar of Finance: Mary Hurley
Vicar of Spanish Apostolate and Executive Council Secretary:
     Father Mark De Stephano
Formation Team: Mother Cheryl Smith
     Father Andres De Leon
Vocations Team: Father. Paul Gulya &
     Father Donald Simon
American National Catholic Theological Institute Rector:
     Father Joseph Harmon

The Executive Council is chaired by the Presiding Bishop. It meets quarterly and reports to the Office of the Bishop on the state and affairs of the jurisdiction. All inquiries, comments, and suggestions should be directed to the appropriate vicar or council secretary.