Seminary rector and presiding bishop.

Fr. Jason Lody, FCM, Minister General of the Franciscan Community of Mercy, speaks with the Most Rev. George Lucey, Presiding Bishop of the ANCC.


The ANCC welcomes with open arms qualified clergy to incardinate into the Church. Priests, deacons and those in religious life who wish to join us will find that the incardination process is professional, thorough and fair.  Together, the church and the candidate discern over time if the incardination would be mutually beneficial.

The process of incardination begins with a review of professional experience, formation, education and training. Letters of recommendation are collected while psychological examinations and criminal background checks are conducted.

After these initial inquiries, if the applicant is accepted, he or she begins a two year candidacy period.  During this time, both the Church and the candidate continue to discern, grow in knowledge of each other, and share in the life of the Church together.

In many circumstances, the individual requesting incardination actively ministers throughout his or her candidacy period and joins in the full, active life of the Church pending formal incardination. Conditional episcopal protection is most often granted during this period along with temporary faculties. Associated communities, though brought into the church through a complementary process, may be listed on the ANCC website and directory.

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